World Economy and International Economic Relations


Studying how nations interact with one another in terms of trade, investment, and financial flows is the main focus of World economy and international economic relations. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes aspects of political science, economics, and international relations and is essential to comprehending how countries interact with one another and how this collaboration affects the world economy. Deep knowledge of politics, economics, and international relations are frequently necessary for success in this sector, as is the commitment to continuously study and adjust to shifting circumstances on a global scale.


This program aims to teach formation of comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of economics, finance and taxation, entrepreneurship and its effective organization. It includes organization of meetings with business leaders and businessmen. It trains highly qualified personnel in the country's economy who have enough knowledge to effectively organize their independent business and gives Turan IU students fundamental, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and strengthen them. 


  • International trade analyst
  • Economist 
  • International development consultant
  • Economist in an international organization
  • International financial analyst
  • Research centre researcher
  • Investment banker focused on emerging markets