Philology And Language Teaching (Uzbek Language)


Philology is a specialty in the humanitarian field of philology and language teaching (Uzbek language), translation studies, with the rational use of translation resources, specialized subjects in all educational institutions, namely preschool education, secondary school and teaching subjects related to general professional specialization and Uzbek language in secondary specialized and vocational educational institutions; covers a set of professional techniques and methods, such as conducting activities in government and public organizations.


To prepare bachelors with fundamental knowledge in the field of modern Uzbek philology, capable of applying the acquired knowledge in scientific, research and editorial activities. This program teaches how to demonstrate mastery of professional speech culture and advanced specialized knowledge of the basic theoretical concepts of Uzbek linguistics and literary criticism, makes independent decisions in professional activities and in their own research works.
Students can possess the norms of the Uzbek literary language, the skills of practical use of the system of functional speech styles; quote and read literary works expressively; fluently read, understand and analyze the texts of ancient monuments.


• Uzbek language teacher
• Philologist
• Corrector
• Linguist-researcher
• Linguist