Primary Education


In the Republic of Uzbekistan, primary education is the first stage of education for students in grades 1-4 and their spiritual growth. Future primary school teachers thoroughly study pedagogical theory, teaching methods, cognitive processes and actively participate in educational and pedagogical practice. During their studies, students learn foreign languages.


This educational program, based on the criteria of state educational standards, provides theoretical and practical support for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and qualifications necessary for a primary school teacher. Turan International University cares not only about providing theoretical knowledge to its students, but also about their ability to use this knowledge in their future work activities. Therefore, they pay special attention to such processes as the formation and development of practical skills, as well as the organization of internships in prestigious educational institutions along with theoretical knowledge.


Primary education graduates can work in the following areas:

• Educator-organizer

• Teacher-tutor

• Tutor

• Primary school teacher

• Primary school teacher of compensatory and correctional and developmental education